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Not all certification courses are the same. Rapid Scrum is the exclusive partner of Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Founder of Scrum and CEO of Scrum Inc., in Southern California.

Both Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner training is avilable for private sessions. Click on the Course logo, to the right, for dates and availability in our next public sessions.

Quickly launching your organization into a healthy Agile environment begins with training. Creating consensus, addressing reservations and understanding what Agile actually is (as opposed to what you’ve heard it is!) is fundamental.

For more details and a sample syllabus, please select a course.

It is human nature to fail to the familiar when faced with uncertainty or stress during attempts to learn new behaviors. With Rapid Scrum onsite Coaching, you never need to worry about your Teams retreating in the face of uncertainty or frustrations.

We will provide a steady, pragmatic hand to keep your Teams moving forward with confidence. In the face of difficult business realities, it is critical to your Agile aspirations that your Team does not regress to ineffective behaviors, as many who go it alone tend to do.

Not all questions or surprises warrant the expense of a full day of onsite Coaching. Sometimes you just need to quickly brainstorm a solution, hear an outside perspective on your Agile performance or consult an expert on a challenge you’re not sure how to conquor.

To provide our clients with the very best and most responsible options for ongoing support, we are happy to provide the option of video conferencing through Skype at a very reasonable hourly rate that makes reaching out for assistance a breeze.