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What can Rapid Scrum do for me?

Actual client data.


Because Velocity was never intended to be a portable metric used outside of the Team, Leadership often feels better after their Agile transition but struggles to quantify its positive impact.

With just Eight Fundamental Metrics created by Rapid Scrum, we can measure the results of your efforts. Not only can you make decisive statements about a Team’s performance over time, but you can now actually compare the progress of all of your Teams with apples-to-apples data. With real results based on real data, you’ll know more than ever about your organization’s potential.


It is what makes the difference between moving quickly into a Hyper-Productivity or struggling for months – or even years – just to match your previous performance.

The strength of Agile is in its flexibility. But therein lies its greatest danger as well.

With our experience across wide range of Organizations and techniques, we are uniquely equipped to help you quickly chart your optimal path toward a healthy, Hyper-Productive state.


The transition from your current practices into Agile can be a very uncertain time.

Most early adopters of Agile struggle to maintain focus on their productivity, essential for the health of their business, and progress on the Agile adoption for the promise of a better future.

Rapid Scrum approaches each client’s environment with respect and balance. The transition will take time, but we can help you quickly establish the fundamentals of a productive Agile environment so that you can keep your business moving efficiently while you evolve toward Hyper-Productivity.


We pride ourselves on creating maximum choice for our clients. With a wide variety of training and Coaching options at your disposal, Rapid Scrum is always ready to step in quickly to get you through the uncertainty and back to work.

To maximize your options, we have begun offering Skype(tm) based, multi-participant video conferencing for those inevitable questions that arise as your Agile adoption matures. Even across multiple continents and time zones, we can all be together to collaborate, communicate and help you get a quick solution.

You need to be confident and self sufficient with your new Agile Framework. But, until you are, you never need go it alone.


“…I use his approach as a model for other ScrumMasters and trainers worldwide…”
Jeff Sutherland, Founder of Scrum

“…[Scott] brings an incredible wealth of experience and thought leadership.”
Todd Epple, Partner/CFO, Iasta

“Through his work we have been able to achieve a significant hike in productivity as well as a far greater level of transparency to the development process.”
Nick Seth-Smith, Sr. VP, Beachbody LLC

“…He was able to convince and motivate a team of developers to overhaul the process that they have used for years…”
Stefan Leikin, VP of Production, Wiredrive


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