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The following are taken from Scott Downey’s LinkedIn page:
“Scott has been one of the few coaches in the world that can consistently start up new teams and more than double their productivity in a few weeks. I use his approach as a model for other Scrum Masters and trainers worldwide.”
Jeff Sutherland, CEO ScrumInc.com, & Creator of Scrum
“Scott has done an excellent job improving our SCRUM / Agile implementation at IASTA. … [He] is a joy to work with as he can readily discuss in an understandable way the benefits with all of the people in varied roles in the organization. He interfaces equally well with Software Engineers, QA Engineers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners / Product Management, and Executives and drives to get enthusiastic buy-in and confidence from all stakeholders during the process. He brings an incredible wealth of experience and thought leadership. With his help, we have immensely improved the velocity and predictability of the delivery of our software platforms and could not be more pleased. I highly recommend working with Scott to improve your software development process and I know you will be pleased with the results.”
Todd Epple, Partner & Chief Financial Officer, Iasta
“After taking a one day scrum training and certification with Scott, my company was able to increase productivity, value and velocity at least 4X. Scott was excellent trainer and guide. With his guidance and with the results we got after his training, we were able to get a lot more clients than we can handle.”
Christian Corcino, Founder & CEO, IntelliSys
“Scott was instrumental in the adoption of Agile with Scrum at Beachbody and proved a highly effective and engaging coach. Through his work we have been able to achieve a significant hike in productivity as well as a far greater level of transparency to the development process. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with him and to see the teams respond to his leadership and guidance. Highly recommended.”
Nick Seth-Smith, Sr. VP of Engineering, Beachbody LLC
“I … was instantly drawn to [Scott’s] presence and thorough knowledge of Scrum and its principles. …I learned so much from him in this two day seminar that I invited him back to our office for a formal training with the development team. … Scott came in and gave a personal course to our entire company. At the end my partners thanked me for finding [Scott], as his experience and calmness resonated throughout course. He was able to convince and motivate a team of developers to overhaul the process that they have used for years (which in itself says it all).”
Stefan Leikin, Vice President of Production, Wiredrive
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