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Shock Therapy Bundle
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It’s time to get serious.

You may have been trying Scrum on your own for a while. You may have been trying to do what some employees say they did at past companies. Or you may have had other Agile Coaches visit with you Team in the past.

No matter how you got here, you have very little to show for your efforts.

Rapid Scrum’s Shock Therapy Package is designed to help you cut through the hearsay and quickly put your Team on a productive footing. Equally beneficial for newly formed Teams as well as those whose implementation has struggled to get off the ground (or has stalled out), this package breathes new life into your implementation of Scrum by beginning at the beginning.

Almost all failed Scrum implementations can be traced back to misunderstanding or misapplication of the Scrum fundamentals so we begin by bringing everyone together to demystify the Scrum Framework. We clarify how highly functional Teams implement each of the essential roles in Scrum, how the artifacts are generated, enhanced and consumed, and how to leverage the Scrum Meetings for improved Team function and transparency. We address your specific concerns and complications with advice, real world examples, practical exercises and hands-on working sessions with an experienced Scrum Expert, who will get your Team engaged and on the path to mature Scrum.

Though each Organization is unique, typical our results show Teams more than doubling their original Velocity, with dramatic improvements in quality, predictability and collaboration.

One Scrum Kick Start course for up to 20 seats – SAVE 10%
One Sprint of Onsite Coaching – SAVE 35% PER WEEK