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RoboCoach is a spreadsheet developed by Scott Downey, with a great deal of help from Abhilash Pandey, over the last several years. It sets out to address many of the questions that come up most commonly during the life of a Scrum Team (“Can we trust their estimates?”, “When will this really be finished?”, “Which of my five teams is performing best?”, “Are we Hyper-Productive yet?”, etc.) but requires a very low impact on the Teams being measured. Most of the work is done on a series of hidden tabs, columns and charts. I will post a set of how-to-use instructions as soon as I have time to write them; meanwhile, take it, break it and rebuild it in your own organization as makes most sense for you and your team. It is only offered for teams using one week sprints, and exclusively story point estimates. Consider it an example of what you might choose to do on your own. I am admittedly not an Excel expert (everything done here is done after lots of Google and F1) so you will possibly find some better ways to achieve similar results. There are no macros in the workbook — a conscious choice I made to avoid portability problems. You may find a few defects, better ways to do certain things or additional questions/metrics that you and your organization will need. No support contract is either expressed or implied. 🙂 Happy Scrumming!

Download RoboCoach 4.0 for Excel, or the PowerPoint 2007 Presentation from Agile 2010