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The Twelve Points of the Scrum Framework

The genius of Scrum is the simplicity of the Framework that it provides. Because of its light weight nature, Scrum is not just about Software. While the overwhelming majority of Scrum around the world is in the sector of Software Engineering, it is currently being applied to everything from hospitals, churches and non-profit organizations to governments and political campaigns.

The twelve points of the Scrum Framework are:

Three Roles
(1) Scrum Product Owner
(2) Scrum Master
(3) Delivery Team Member

Three Ceremonies
(4) Sprint Planning Meetings
(5) Daily 15-Minute Stand-Up Meetings
(6) Sprint Review
Three Artifacts
(7) The Product Backlog
(8) The Sprint Backlog
(9) The Burndown Chart

Three Best Practices
(10) User Stories
(11) Story Point Poker
(12) Physical Information Radiators