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LabCast: Moving to Scrum? Easier Said Than Done by Brendan Cournoyer, OpenView Labs

Though usually associated with product management and development, few realize that there’s a lot more to Scrum than just software.

Comparing Slow and Expedited Scrum Adoptions
When first introducing Scrum, you will have the option of proceeding slowly or speeding up the implementation.

The core idea behind an expedited Scrum adoption involves removing the flexibility and variables associated with Scrum.

Building an Infrastructure Conducive to Scrum
A Scrum adoption can not be conducted inside a vacuum.
The entire business needs to believe in the agile development method, in addition to supporting its implementation. Read more on OpenView Lab.

Reporting Back to Managers in Scrum
A Scrum implementation’s effectiveness hinges on transparent communication between teams and management.

As such, reporting progress is crucial, especially when you consider the short-term development cycles being called for. Read more on OpenView Lab.

A Look at the Scrum Master’s Duties when going Agile
Agile development is only truly agile when production hurdles are being cleared at the rate of software development.
Meaning: A team isn’t being slowed by minor or major personnel and work-related issues. Much like problems with development, they should be prepared to solve everything in their path.

After the Basics, what’s Next in a Scrum Implementation?
Once you get beyond the fundamental principles of Scrum, some procedural issues due tend to arise.

In the case of the product management lifecycle, a product manager may have set aside a certain amount of backlog work that is expected to take a considerable amount of time.

A Step-by-Step Overview of a Scrum Transformation
At this very moment, there are countless companies battling upstream in an attempt to overcome the many problematic obstacles of non-agile development.

Scrum provides an operational management redefinition that has an impact on the very core of a business, at the company strategy level.