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Rapid Scrum is a result-driven Scrum coaching and training company. Scrum methodology has taken the world of Agile project management by storm, offering teams a powerful framework for collaboration, iteration, and product or service delivery. But let’s face it – implementing Scrum isn’t always a walk in the park. That’s where the Scrum coach comes in, a skilled professional who brings the magic of Scrum to teams and organizations alike. With their expert guidance, mentorship, and coaching, a Scrum coach empowers team members and stakeholders to work together seamlessly, sharing a common vision and purpose. It’s the secret sauce that can take your team’s productivity and creativity to the next level.

Scrum Seminars

Rapid Scrum seminars are informative and hands-on making you ready to do Scrum right away.

Scrum Classes

We have created Scrum classes that’s been tested by many teams.

On Site Coaching

Scott will work with your team one and one and transform your team.

Web based Coaching

Sometimes you need a helpline to call with your Scrum questions. Scott is available to answer via web and help you get going.

Sky's The Limit

Sky’s The Limit

The future of teamwork is Scrum. Rapid Scrum helps you do Scrum the right way.

Scott Downey

Scott Downey, founder of Rapid Scrum

Scott is a certified ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Scrum Practitioner. Scott has over 25 years experience in technology, managing and coaching Scrum teams. He has also authored numerous Scrum papers with Jeff Sutherland, the father of Scrum.


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Teams helped to become more productive

“Scott has been one of the few coaches in the world that can consistently start up new teams and more than double their productivity in a few weeks. I use his approach as a model for other Scrum Masters and trainers worldwide.”

Jeff Sutherland, PhD

Creator of Scrum & CEO, ScrumInc

“Scott has done an excellent job improving our SCRUM / Agile implementation at IASTA. … [He] is a joy to work with as he can readily discuss in an understandable way the benefits with all of the people in varied roles in the organization. He interfaces equally well with Software Engineers, QA Engineers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners / Product Management, and Executives and drives to get enthusiastic buy-in and confidence from all stakeholders during the process. He brings an incredible wealth of experience and thought leadership. With his help, we have immensely improved the velocity and predictability of the delivery of our software platforms and could not be more pleased. I highly recommend working with Scott to improve your software development process and I know you will be pleased with the results.”

Todd Epple

Chief Performance Officer, Determine

Scrum makes your team perform better.

Scrum is practical

Scrum is practical.

Scrum is transparent

Scrum is transparent.

Scrum is iterative

Scrum is iterative.

Scrum is lightweight

Scrum is lightweight.

Scrum is easy to understand

Scrum is easy to understand.

Scrum is difficult to master

Scrum is difficult to master.

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