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RoboScrum™ is an Excel workbook that I have developed over the past several years, with a great deal of help from Abhilash Pandey. For information about what it is and why you might want it, please watch the Measuring Scrum Videos available on the Resources page.

There are many hidden tabs, columns and charts to keep it readable. Each tab is locked with the password rapidscrum just to protect formulas and make tabbing more intuitive.

The one week format is the only one I currently offer for general distribution. Please consider it an example of what you might choose to do on your own. There are no macros -- a conscious choice I made to avoid portability and potential security problems.

RoboChecker™ -- also available below -- is just a stripped down version that checks my math as I extend RoboScrum™. If you've got data from previous sprints and want to check that the old version of RoboScrum™ got it right, download RoboChecker™ and paste in your data to be sure you're trending the right values.

No warranty is expressed or implied. Happy Scrumming!!!