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RoboScrum™ version 7.5 is finally here! It has been many years now since the last update to the free RoboScrum™ workbook that I first published in conjunction with my Agile2010 paper, Scrum Metrics for Hyper-Productive Teams.

The new version now supports all valid Sprint Lengths, from 1 to 4 weeks in length, and up to 1,000 Sprint Backlog Items! Yes, you still have to copy data around to the Trend and Scale tabs, just like before. I don't want to use scripts because they make portability a nightmare but I acknowledge it could be made much easier to use if I did.

RoboScrum™ remains free to use and redistribute; however, the name RoboScrum™ is a fully protected trademark of Rapid Scrum LLC and all rights are reserved. No support or warranty is expressed or implied.

I have been using this version in production for about six months in the 1-Week Sprints mode and have found no outstanding issues but YOU will find bugs! WHEN (not "if") you do, please EMAIL ME a copy of the errant workbook along with a detailed description of the problem you have seen and steps to reproduce it.

Instructions initially are minimal and there is little error checking of the sort that the previously published version had. So keep an eye on all of your tabs and be sure everything is up to date correctly before using any of the charts or metrics. And now, without further ado...