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Scott Downey and Jeff Sutherland present an overview of Shock Therapy for Digital LA.

Scott has been active in the Software Industry for more than 20 years, holding positions at nearly every level of successful organizations from Associate Developer to VP of Engineering and Chief Software Architect. During this experience, it became clear to him that having the very best technology in the world or the most innovative product ever created is entirely useless if an organization cannot execute on the reliable, predictable delivery of it to the market.

With that in mind, he has focused the last half of his career on creating processes and patterns to optimize both the reliability and predictability of that critical delivery. Though he has worked with a variety of methodologies, he is specifically focused on creating healthy, expanding and Hyper-Productive Scrum that scales with exceptional ease but is also well versed and often recommends other forms of Agile for his clients when Scrum isn't the right fit for a given Team or initiative.

Today, as owner of RapidScrum.com, Scott offers complete Bootstrapping packages to clients ready to create a Culture of Done. These packages usually begin with a one day Introduction to Scrum training session to help get the entire group on the same page for a smoother beginning to the transition. He also offers Coaching and Consulting, both onsite and via Skype, on a regular basis to guarantee that the organic growth of his clients' adoptions move in healthy directions.

Having started with both ScrumMaster and Scrum Product Owner certifications, Scott is currently a Certified Scrum Practitioner. Scott is the co-author of two papers, Shock Therapy and Measuring Scrum, both accepted for presentation at Agile conferences. He also frequently co-teaches ScrumMaster Certification courses with Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the creator of Scrum, in Los Angeles and consults regularly with many companies around the world.